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Persian Wedding Knife Dance

September 3, 2008

The traditional knife dance done in weddings before the cutting of the cake.

The song is by Bijan Mortazavi called sabzehzaar, off Bijan III instrumental CD.

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Duration : 0:5:52

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  1. 25 Responses to “Persian Wedding Knife Dance”

  2. wah wah this is soo …
    wah wah this is soo nice i like Persian girllss they are super hottt

    By AaantonyBoy on Sep 3, 2008

  3. Women to date: …
    Women to date: Persian

    By MrTantraMan on Sep 3, 2008


    By gharemani on Sep 3, 2008

  5. fuck you

    By tony75026 on Sep 3, 2008

  6. oooooooooooh so bad …
    oooooooooooh so bad suggestion !!LOL
    we dnt need u tell us whcih is nice n which is stupid,wel i guess nice tardtion from u probably is some european hoe girl like an lame and stupid girls and guy dancing from day n night till they die!!
    Persian weedning its a best and such beautifull wediing!!

    By sepidlove on Sep 3, 2008

  7. Such a stupid …
    Such a stupid tradition..,.. Wow wwhy dont they knife one another istead? lol

    By arsenovicd on Sep 3, 2008

  8. exactly!!!!!!!!!!!! …
    so stupid!!
    iam impress by how they do know these people on clip are muslim!!
    there are alot of persian whom are not muslim..
    everywhere some people wanna stick politics and different kind of things they bring?!!
    these wedding have nothing to do with religion at all!!ITS A WEDDING MAN!!

    By sepidlove on Sep 3, 2008

  9. tealeh2
    very true

    very true
    khoda as dahanet beshnave ; )

    By mehditalib on Sep 3, 2008

  10. wtf being persian …
    wtf being persian or arabic has nothing to do with religion

    By purometalyrap on Sep 3, 2008

  11. nice tradition
    nice tradition

    By 1ENOC on Sep 3, 2008

  12. There is a new wave …
    There is a new wave of hatred toward Islam among Iranians. It doesn’t matter who has the power in Iran right now. For all the cruelties that were committed by this regime, people have returned to learn about the history, at the time of the Arab Invasion and Islam era. There are Iranians who curse Prophet Mohammad and all of his descendants even they are born in Muslim family. They have lost their faith.

    By tealeh2 on Sep 3, 2008

  13. Dear brothers I …
    Dear brothers I dont understand why r u exchanging hard words to each other. If u r Persian or Arabic, u r muslim first and then something else. Being a muslim we all r brothers. So dont hate each other!!

    By DahliaPinnata on Sep 3, 2008

  14. I don’t know but …
    I don’t know but generally speaking these kinds of knives dances before cutting cake that has become very common in the last 20 years or so is very stupid and tasteless!

    By tealeh2 on Sep 3, 2008

  15. If you are an Iraqi …
    If you are an Iraqi, it is very likely that you have some Persian root. So don’t hate Persian so much.

    Even if you are not an Iraqi, I don’t know Syrian, Lebanese, or whatever and you are a Muslim. Again, it is likely that your female ancestors might have been by Arabs, and your male ancestors have been taken away as child slaves. The countries in the Middle East region were forced to change their language to Arabic and forced to convert to Islam or else.

    By tealeh2 on Sep 3, 2008

  16. hmm
    wathc ur …

    wathc ur langauge!!
    i said dat coz ihave reason for that now its 2nd time they its an arabic song and tehy copied from arabic song and they didn even seac about it just open their mouth and syaing some bullshit which is so stupid!!
    u r loser whom reply me to say such swear and bullshit…bitch

    By sepidlove on Sep 3, 2008

  17. u shut up u …
    u shut up u coward. even if it was a persian song so what u asshole, there was no need to give degratory comments about Arabs u hater. go yourself u loser

    By ronothedem on Sep 3, 2008

  18. this is beautiful. …
    this is beautiful. it reminds me of my mom and dad’s wedding. my mom is persiand and it sounds just like it. i would talk to you in farsi but im not fluent. again this is just so beautiful (:

    By lemonpolkaspots on Sep 3, 2008

  19. Nice dance for a …
    Nice dance for a wedding I am an indian and indians also dance a lot in weddings

    By hempadia on Sep 3, 2008

  20. ohh my god they are …
    ohh my god they are making me craaaaazy
    i just adore persian and arabic girls

    By agrocheema on Sep 3, 2008

  21. no shut up man!!
    u …

    no shut up man!!
    u r ignoran man
    listen this music is a tarditional wedding song from the north of iran ..
    thing befor u talk orrrr go and search…

    By sepidlove on Sep 3, 2008

  22. I’m not an Atrb …
    I’m not an Atrb asshole. just heard the same music in an Iraqi Party here in states! And why do u Persian losers hate Arabs so much? because they kicked your and turned your persian empire into ashes and converted all of u to Muslims? lool

    By ronothedem on Sep 3, 2008

  23. u arabs are thif …
    u arabs are thif man!!
    this music is from north of iran and its notthing to do with arabic or iraqi!!
    may be they sole t from bijan mortazevi its singer!!
    this song is old man!!
    and it also has a singer >>bijan mortezavi”
    but because that man is playing with keyboard he just did the song with keyboard he didnt sing it!!

    By sepidlove on Sep 3, 2008

  24. The ladies are very …
    The ladies are very cute, especially the one in red

    By Surenaa91 on Sep 3, 2008

  25. The music is stolen …
    The music is stolen from an Iraqi Arabic song.

    By ronothedem on Sep 3, 2008

  26. The last dancer in …
    The last dancer in red has broken my heart….

    By IraqiNOTarab on Sep 3, 2008

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